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Plastic woven bag
To meet our demand on the plastic woven bag, we and a private company invested 6 million yuan to found a welfare plastic woven bag factory.
There are two woven bag production lines and container bag (tone packing bag) equipment inside this factory, it can produce 12 million pieces of 50kg bags and 0.18 million sets of container bags. The production standard is GB/T8946-1998. Test by China Administration for Entry & Exit Inspection and Quarantine and other quality supervisors of province and city, all of products can meet this standard. Our products have been sold to over 20 provinces and cities around China, some of them have been exp[orted to Japan, Spain and Korea. This factory has sold 19 million of product and paid 3.42 million tax. It not only helps some disabled persons, but also makes great contribution to social & welfare services of Hongze county.
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